Wednesday, 18 February 2015

When I was young

Bang!  I was putting my head in and out of the window playing with my brother and I didn’t realise it was replaced with a nail .I pulled my head in the window and Boom! my eye was caught on the nail and there it comes dripping out of my eye with me crying and my mum crying rushing me to the hospital. My papa gets a call saying I just stabbed my eye on a nail  and im sitting and the hospital crying and my mum didn’t know what to do when I screamed. She was terrified and crying.

I was only four when this happened to me I always hurt myself when I was small. Me and my brother were playing Peek a Boo! in the window pulling our head in and out and my eye got caught on the nail.  We were bored and laughing at eachother. My mum was watching tv when this happened but she was right next to me. My mum grabbed a towel and took me to the bathroom and she didn’t know how to cover my eye because, it was dripping in blood by the time it stopped I had filled the whole towel up with blood it was horibble!.

We had a nail that replaced the latch on the window because my little brother broke it. I thought that nothing would happen to me because, my head was above the nail  and I put my head down to get in the window and AHHHH! I screamed and my mum ran to me opened the curtain and screamed. She didn’t know how to get me off the nail . I slid my eye off and the nail and the windosill was covered in blood. My mum had to call someone to come and pick us up because, we didn’t have a car at that time. I forgot who she called because it was so long ago. They came rushing over to my house and took me to the hospital.

In 2010 this happened because, 7 years ago this happened to me this was when I lived on Coral Cres  I was just around the corner from the school . I was four years old and as I grew up I became clumsy because, I had hurt myself all the time when I was young. My mum always said be careful your going to hurt yourself and I never listened.

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