Thursday, 19 February 2015

Jhardae - 3d hand art

Step 1. Trace you hand with a pencil.(NOT A VIVID)
Step 2. Draw straight, even lines with vivid(you can do pencil first if you want) in the background. Not on the hand.
Step 3. Connect the lines with an arch over the space of the hand.  Do not do it too straight or too arched.
Step 4. When your finished it should look like this, but without the colour.
Step 5. Choose two colours, and colour it in switching the colours every line.
Step 6. Shade the colours correctly to create the 3D effect.
This art was a bit challenging trying to get the arches right and the lines evenly spaced. In the end I had fun doing this.

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Quitah said...

Hey Jhardae,

I really like the way you put a lot of effort into your work ( maybe way to much ) I enjoy the you made 3D hand art. One thing you could work on is making sure your spelling is correct.

Kind Regards
Quitah & Christopher & Kraven

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