Wednesday, 16 April 2014

My Anzac Day Presentation

State of mine poster-Jhardae

Trip to the Panmure Library- Jhardae

hula compeition .pngme colouring in.pngmy EKE .png
We went to the Panmure Library and we met…
Mama Piri, Tauraki and Ruth from the Panmure Library
First we sat down and Tauraki told us a story about a mouse and and octopus.
Next we had a colouring competition we could either colour in a mouse or a octopus I chose a mouse.
Then everybody designed their own paper to put on a string.
Finally we had a Hula competition and that was fun.

My favourite part was when we had a competition colouring in the mouse or the octopus because, I won a prize.

My Transformation art- Jhardae

This is my Transformation art
It uses three media-Pastel, Crayon & Dye and Paint
It shows three transformations
The first row is translated
The second row is rotated
and the last row is reflected
I really like how my colours looked when it was finished
Next time I would choose a different pattern and different colours.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

My I hear Poem- Jhardae

I Hear Poem

When I think of school
 I hear
 Kids singing like their auditioning for something
 Voices in the corridor talking
 loud Desks opening and closing-Crash
 Shoes stamping across the classroom-Boom
 People shouting like no-one was listening
 People laughing with joy-Haha 
People playing in the park-Ahhh
People doing a beat with their hands/Pens 
Birds singing when everyone was in class-QUIET!!

My Autumn Poem-Jhardae

It's Autumn!!

A season
Full of great things
A season that brings
Happiness to people
Birds singing
Their morning songs
Praising the lord
For the fruits
Provided in the wild

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

My Xtra math results

This is my Xtra math results I have done today. I have got 52 smiley faces 1 tick and 3 wrong

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Room 6 favorite shoes- Jhardae