Friday, 5 December 2014

Mind Map

This is my Mind map I created using an application called Mindmup.

Design Brief Template

In the context of Healthy Living I will design and produce a Animated story for Family to be used to .
show them how to be healthy.  

My digital stroy does relate to the context of ‘healthy living’ because my digital story is about family/students how to be fit.

My digital story is useful for my target audience because, they are able to show you how to be fit.

The outcome will include:

Sprites or characters 2+
  • Cyclist
  • Athlete
  • Parent
  • Teacher
  • Children
Commands or Scripts
  • Event Scripts
When green flag is clicked
When I receive
  • Look  Scripts
Switch Backdrops
Backgrounds 3+
  • Parks
  • Gym
  • Pool

Feedback that I receieved about my digital stroy included:
  • Hi Jhardae,
This is a great animation that sends a powerful message!
  • Hi Jhardae,

This is an amazing scratch project. This teaches us about healthy living.


By Tim

Changes I have made to my digital story include:

  • Movement of characters (Switching costumes)
  • Finishing it

The way that I feel about my digital story is happy. This is because, I have created something that will show people how to be fit.

I could also use Scratch or create digital stories to explain something important to family and friends

Scratch Project

This is my scratch project I have made in tech this term we have been focusing on healthy living and I really enjoyed doing it. I am not finished yet but please leave some comments.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Mad Scientist

Mad Scientist

On a mountain a lab sits far away from the towns. No-one knows what he does or where he goes but they do know for sure he is a ‘mad scientist’ they call him this for the right reasons he works so hard and never stops. He has bright orange hair, scruffy clothes and blue eyes he is very aggressive and caught up in his work. He works all day everyday non-stop. No-one ever goes up but his family everybody in the town think that they are crazy because, they were the only people that went  up there but what everyone didn’t know was that they were related to the ‘Mad Scientist’.  He had no time for anyone but his family.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Jhardae - Language Features in Music.

This is the song I did for indepedent reading we had to find a line in a song and make a poster of what language features it had it the song. The song I chose was "Bubbly" By Colbie Caillat here is the link to the song if it doesn't work.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Xtra Math results - Jhardae

This is my Xtra math results for today I have got 4 wrong no ticks which means I didn't answer any questions over 3 seconds and 61 smiley faces which means I answered the questions under 3 seconds.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Xtra Math results

This is my Xtra math results I have done today I have got 43 smiley faces 7 ticks and 4 wrong. I think I have done well for the start of the term.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Jhardae - Food in my culture


In my family we celebrate Christmas. I enjoy celebrating Christmas with my family, because we get nice food and presents! We celebrate Christmas at our house or my grandad’s house. I love the food my family makes. For lunch we have potato salad, roast chicken, hangi, roast pork, pizza, trifle,  jelly, ice-cream, and BBQ. My mum always has a Christmas stocking for me and my brother but we save it until everything is finished so we can eat our share in front of our cousins.

When we have hangi we have to wait for ages for it to cook. After it’s cooked my grandad pulls it out of the ground and puts it on the table. My cousins and I rushed to the table and got our plates faster than anyone else.  We go inside to eat when we finished choosing our food, the desserts after we finished.  Sometimes we have chocolate cake for dessert but most of the time we just have trifle, jelly and ice-cream.

When my brother and I finish, we eat our chocolates in front of our cousins.  However we get in trouble for not sharing with them, so then we have to give our cousins some lollies.  When we give our cousins some they eat it all. I only get a little bit because, I ate slow in front of my cousins so they could get jealous.

We go to my Uncle Ron’s house afterwards, and he is cooking another barbeque. So, we all eat again because we didn’t want to waste the barbeque. After that I was really full, so I went to go lie down. Once I don’t feel so sick anymore I watched my cousins play on the xbox kinect and then we get called for ice-cream.

In my family we celebrate Christmas. I enjoy celebrating Christmas because, it gives me time to be with my loved ones. I really love the food my family makes. For lunch we have potato salad, roast chicken, hangi, roast pork, pizza, trifle,  jelly, ice-cream, and BBQ. My mum always has a Christmas stocking for me and my brother but we save it until everything is finished so we can eat our share in front of our cousins.


Jhardae & Abdurrahman - Rich Task Week 10

This is where me and my partner are from I'm from Niue and my partners from Fiji. The distance between Niue and Auckland is 2,480 km which is higher than Abdurrahman's by 0,271 so that would mean that the distance between Fiji and Auckland is 2,151 which is lower than Jhardae's by 0,271.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Today at tech the year 7 students from Panmure Bridge school have been using codes in a programming application. We used blocks that the character could understand which made the character complete the instructions.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Holiday Reading Challenge.

 Title- Thea Stilton and the Cherry Blossom Adventure.
Author-Geronimo Stilton
Type of Book- Juvenile Fiction

I would recommend this book to my friend Skye, because she likes adventure books, enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Holiday Reading Challenge

-Title: Tashi and the Haunted House
-Type of Book:Young adult fiction
-Why your cover is better: I think my cover is better because, it stands out and it makes me want to pick it up and read it. I used my head and pictured what would look good on a cover of a book which would encourage people to read it.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Jhardae - My beach poster

This is my create activity for T6 I had to find rules about falling cliffs and being safe at the beach.

Jhardae - Q words

This was my activity for T3 I had to find three words starting with Q that I didn't know about and these are the words I found.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Statistical Investigation - Jhardae and Deziree

Ice Cream Flavour
This is Deziree and I made a Statistical Investigations using google spreadsheet.

Conclusion: Cookies and Cream was the most popular Ice-Cream in the class. Some students were preferring Cookies and Cream instead of all the other.

Next up was Other because students in the class liked different flavours that we didn’t put on our list.
Then was a tie between Mint Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with 3 people liking them!

Finally was Orange Chocolate Chip was the least favourite that the class liked. Only one person liked  Orange Chocolate Chip.

Jhardae & Deziree

My Lost keys poster - Jhardae

This is my poster I created using google draw about lost keys. This is what you called have if you have lost your keys. We have done this activity in reading under Key into Evaluation.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Warning Poster about Dihydrogen Monoxide - Jhardae

 This is my poster I made using google draw about Dihydrogen Monoxide. I had to create this activity after I had finished my Key into Evaluation.

Monday, 9 June 2014

My Xtra math results

This is my Xtra math results I have done today I have got 4 wrong 4 ticks and 41 smiley faces 

Friday, 6 June 2014

My Xtra Math results

This is my Xtra math results I have done today. I have got 49 smiley faces which means I answered the question under 3 seconds, Three ticks which means I answered the question over three seconds I have also got three wrong. 

Nice Work


Never use the word PRETTY our teacher said.
It doesn’t mean a thing!
Try Gorgeous, Elegant, Handsome, Charming, Cute, Fine, Attractive, Delicate, Pleasant, Lovely and Appealing -
The choice is as long as a string

But please, never use the word PRETTY it just doesn’t mean a thing.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Jhardae & Shaylah- Room 6 Weekly Rubbish

Room 6 Weekly Rubbish

Over the week Room 6 have been doing a check on how much rubbish we bring to school each day. We have been doing this activity for 5 days. The Chippie Packets are not good to bring to school as they are not biodegradable. Fruit and naked food are biodegradable because, they can break down. I think that checking how much rubbish we bring to school each day was a good idea because, the more rubbish we bring to school the more rubbish gets buried in our landfill.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Grammar Bites, Word Choice- Jhardae

Today we have done a new activity on a site called Grammar Bites. We had to know where to put Their, There and They're in the right places here are my results showing how much I scored.

My Xtra Math Results- Jhardae

This is my Xtra math results I have got 49 smiley faces 7 ticks and 1 wrong. I have gotten better at my subtraction because I have been practicing.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Sustainability, Renewable- Jhardae

This is me and Kahlista's poster about renewable. This term we have been studying Sustainability.

Sustainability, Non- Renewable- Jhardae & Kahlista.

This is me and Kahlista's poster about Non- Renewable. This term we have been studying sustainability for our topic.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

That was Summer- Jhardae

That was Summer

Have you ever tasted summer?
Sure you have.
Remember when we went to Mission Bay
or went to the ice cream shop
and sat on the beach to eat our ice cream
and it melted on our tongues?
Remember when we finished and played at the playground?
That was Summer.

Have you ever smelt summer?
Sure you have.
Remember that time we went swimming
and you could smell the salty sea water
and the seashells smelt like there was dead fish in there?
Remember the smell was still in your towel when you got home?
That was summer.

Have you ever touched summer?
Sure you have.
Remember when you played interclass baseball
or finally getting to have a match against your friends
and won
and the feeling of victory?
Remember when we celebrated by eating ice blocks?
That was Summer.

Have you ever heard Summer?
Sure you have.
Remember when you walked into class
or heard your friends talking to one another
and you say ‘Good Morning’ to your teacher
and then go put your bag in the cloak bay?
Remember how you sat quietly while your teacher was taking the roll.
That was Summer.

Have you ever tasted summer?
Sure you have.
Remember that time you were at the Night Markets
or when you were waiting in line
and you finally got your churro
and you started looking at all the other different accessories you could buy.
Remember how you could smell a bunch of different varieties of foods when you walked into the Night Market?
That was Summer.

Monday, 5 May 2014

My Xtra math results

This is my Xtra math results. I have got 42 smiley faces, 7 ticks and 1 wrong the smiley faces mean I got the answer right under 3 seconds the ticks mean I figured the answer out over 3 seconds.

Algebra Game

Today we played the algebra game. To play you use substitution to answer the question.

It was easy because I understood what we had to do when my teacher was telling us what to do.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

My Anzac Day Presentation

State of mine poster-Jhardae

Trip to the Panmure Library- Jhardae

hula compeition .pngme colouring in.pngmy EKE .png
We went to the Panmure Library and we met…
Mama Piri, Tauraki and Ruth from the Panmure Library
First we sat down and Tauraki told us a story about a mouse and and octopus.
Next we had a colouring competition we could either colour in a mouse or a octopus I chose a mouse.
Then everybody designed their own paper to put on a string.
Finally we had a Hula competition and that was fun.

My favourite part was when we had a competition colouring in the mouse or the octopus because, I won a prize.

My Transformation art- Jhardae

This is my Transformation art
It uses three media-Pastel, Crayon & Dye and Paint
It shows three transformations
The first row is translated
The second row is rotated
and the last row is reflected
I really like how my colours looked when it was finished
Next time I would choose a different pattern and different colours.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

My I hear Poem- Jhardae

I Hear Poem

When I think of school
 I hear
 Kids singing like their auditioning for something
 Voices in the corridor talking
 loud Desks opening and closing-Crash
 Shoes stamping across the classroom-Boom
 People shouting like no-one was listening
 People laughing with joy-Haha 
People playing in the park-Ahhh
People doing a beat with their hands/Pens 
Birds singing when everyone was in class-QUIET!!

My Autumn Poem-Jhardae

It's Autumn!!

A season
Full of great things
A season that brings
Happiness to people
Birds singing
Their morning songs
Praising the lord
For the fruits
Provided in the wild