Thursday, 22 May 2014

Jhardae & Shaylah- Room 6 Weekly Rubbish

Room 6 Weekly Rubbish

Over the week Room 6 have been doing a check on how much rubbish we bring to school each day. We have been doing this activity for 5 days. The Chippie Packets are not good to bring to school as they are not biodegradable. Fruit and naked food are biodegradable because, they can break down. I think that checking how much rubbish we bring to school each day was a good idea because, the more rubbish we bring to school the more rubbish gets buried in our landfill.

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Anonymous said...

Great reflect on rubbish. Its good to hear that most of your schools rubbish is biodegradable. Your school is very lucky to have fresh fruit everyday. It means more students we be eating food instead of foods from plastic packeting.

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